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FengShui Calabash Cinnabar Bracelet

FengShui Calabash Cinnabar Bracelet

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Calabash: The Symbol Of Abundance, Health, Longevity & Wealth

The Wu Lou gourd or Calabash is a powerful feng shui remedy you can use for several feng shui afflictions. It is a symbol of abundance, health, longevity, and wealth. You can use it in any sector of your home or office to attract specific luck energies. The Wu Lou is one of the eight feng shui treasures, which makes it a perfect wealth symbol and its shape is also considered one ideal for the accumulation of wealth.

Manifest Wealth & Luck To Your Life

The FengShui Calabash Cinnabar Bracelet is a popular Feng Shui remedy created to attract wealth and luck. These bracelets are designed to work by aligning your intentions and thoughts with the positive energy of the universe, which can help you attract prosperity and abundance.

The Luck Of Calabash & Cinnabar

In feng shui, a calabash is a symbol of longevity, good health, and abundance. It is believed to have the power to absorb negative energy and promote positivity. Cinnabar, on the other hand, is a red mineral that is said to bring wealth and protection.

When combined in a bracelet, the calabash and cinnabar create a powerful feng shui symbol that can help you attract positive energy, abundance, and good health. It is also believed to protect you from negative influences and promote inner peace.

Cinnabar: The Dragon's Blood

Cinnabar stone is also known as the stone of transformation since it grants the bearer magical, alchemical, and healing abilities. It aids the person's ability to communicate more effectively. It gives the person strength so that he can come up with some original thoughts. There is a Persian term that means "Dragons blood," and it is this word alone that gives the meaning of Cinnabar. Cinnabar was thought to have the power to attract wealth. By adjusting your energy vibration, this ring can assist you in bringing about the success and riches of your dreams.

What Makes The FengShui Calabash Cinnabar Bracelet Special?

All of the chakras are in alignment, and it aids in letting go of the person's fear and anger. The stone has both powerful metaphysical and therapeutic qualities. Because of this, this stone—often referred to as the Merchant stone—is utilized to manifest prosperity. It strengthens the wearer's wealth and health. As a result, businesses favor using this stone as a gem in their jewelry.

The Healing Properties Of Cinnabar Stone

✅ Imparts the positive effects to the wearer and also provide cure to one’s body physically. It is also preferred to enhance the various Chakras and provide a long life power to the wearer.

✅ Cures various problems related to our health.

✅ Improves blood disorders and improves the physical stamina of the person.

✅ Provides aid in the healing of the fertility-related issues.

✅ Act as the strong booster that improves the immune system of your body.

✅ Deals with the bacterial infections.

✅ The weight issues also get resolved through the use of this stone as a jewel item.

✅ The red color will also change depending on your body's health. 

The Feng Shui Law of Attraction

The Feng Shui Law of Attraction is a principle that suggests that you can use the power of your thoughts and intentions to attract positive energy, abundance, and good health into your life. The FengShui Calabash Cinnabar Bracelet is considered to be a powerful feng shui remedy that can help you align your intentions with the energy of these positive aspects of life. By wearing the bracelet, you are believed to be carrying the energy of the calabash and cinnabar symbols with you, which can help you attract and manifest the positive energy that they represent.

The Feng Shui Functions Of The Bracelet Mainly Include:

Improve Luck Improve Family Fortune

Bring In Wealth

Protect House & Ward off Evil Spirits

Good for the Health

Listen To Some Of The Stories With Luck


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